About Master Class

Master Classes organized by Corporate Shiksha consist of industry designed-industry delivered lectures, specially designed for working professionals. Corporate leaders from various industries are asked to share their knowledge in their area of specialization, which helps in building competency and efficiency in corporate workers.
Through the use of case studies, presentations, problem solving and group exercises, an attempt is made to enhance the knowledge of middle management employees. The classes foster interactions with peers while also allowing connect with industry leaders.
In addition to the learning opportunity, working professionals get a certificate of participation and access to monthly webinars as well as video conversations with experts.

About Workplace2020

Today, the world’s leading organizations are raising their sights, broadening their focus and leaning forward. These companies understand that uncertainty is still part of the business landscape; but instead of merely reacting to change, they are harnessing it and turning it into a business advantage. They recognize that, in a world that is changing rapidly, the speed with which organizations adapt has become a critical business capability.
Senior business leaders consider talent to be perhaps the critical factor in the push for sustainable growth and the need to manage new opportunities and risks in a more complex and inter¬dependent world. Whether the growth strategies today are based on new innovative products and services, new market entry or through mergers and acquisitions – all are dependent on talent as the core foundation for success.
As a result, talent is now driving decisions that touch deeply on an organization’s core strategy: How should we expand into new markets and which markets offer the best opportunities? Do we have the people we need to drive new product innovation? Is this the best company to acquire and can we integrate successfully? How should we organize our business in a post-digital world driven by social media, mobile technology, and universal access to “big data?”
It was this in mind that the umbrella initiative ‘Workplace 2020’ was launched in August 2013. The purpose of conducting this initiative was to allow corporate leaders to connect with each other and have a discussion on the future of workplace.
The Workplace 2020 series includes discussions and conferences that allow industry leaders to come together and discuss a variety of issues pertaining to their sector. It creates an atmosphere of learning and provides an arena for networking. The initiative is focused towards creating a corporate leaders community in India and the south – Asia region.

About Corporate Shiksha

Corporate Shiksha™ – the learning network for Young India is a next generation platform to nurture and grow the capability of young and aspiring professionals. It is focused on helping students and working professionals to get ahead in their corporate career by facilitating practical & experiential learning programs with a spirit of volunteerism and social development.