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Workplace2020 Master Class on Total Rewards | | Initiative by Corporate Shiksha

Workplace2020 Master Class on Total Rewards

  • Practitioner lead experiential learning format with 4-5 CXOs as Faculty.
  • 2 Day Executive Learning Program for 20-25 participants with 3+ years of experience.
  • Certification of Participation and Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts.


Total Rewards Strategy

Total Rewards has finally moved from theory to reality. Employers see the value in integrating their workforce programs and communicating them as part of their employee value proposition.
  • Is your organization realizing the value of a total rewards strategy?

    Reward strategies must be anchored in business reality to be effective. This means linking it to your business strategy – and the needs of your employees as well as your organisation.

  • Are you seeing an appropriate return on your aggregate spend on all your workforce programs?

    A total rewards strategy can help organizations vary the size and allocation of their total budget in line with business needs, financial constraints and talent requirements. Employers can better align rewards with employee preferences to get the best value for their spend, promote specific behaviours and drive higher productivity. And they have the flexibility to segment and differentiate rewards for different employee groups or parts of their business.

Program Coverage

What all will be covered in this Master Class?

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