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Workplace Insights Master Class on Talent Management | Initiative by Corporate Shiksha | | Initiative by Corporate Shiksha

Workplace2020 Master Class on Talent Management & Engagement

  • Practitioner lead experiential learning format with 4-5 CXOs as Faculty.
  • 2 Day Executive Learning Program for 20-25 participants with 3+ years of experience.
  • Certification of Participation and Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts.


Managing & Engaging your talent

From motivation & morale to employee engagement, the journey of getting the most out of one’s human resources has been an exhilarating one for corporates. Despite various definitions & theories of the word employee engagement, there is still no common agreement on what works. Organizations continuously experiment with various frameworks & processes in an attempt to win the war for talent. What’s pretty clear now is that companies that dedicatedly invest their energies in attracting & retaining talent, are the ones that’s seeing the benefits of it.
  • Managing Talent

    The aim is to clearly identify the top & niche talent and then managing their growth in the organization. Through various innovative methods, organizations are now focusing on personal & professional development of their key resources.

  • Engaged Workforce

    The ownership of having engaged employees lies in the hands of both HR and line managers but we have all seen multiple scenarios where the ball just drops in between. Knowing what employees need and then acting on them is the key in having an engaged workforce.

Program Coverage

What all will be covered in this Master Class?

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