Workplace Insights Master Class on Talent Acquisition

  • Practitioner lead experiential learning format with 4-5 CXOs as Faculty.
  • 2 Day Executive Learning Program for 20-25 participants with 3+ years of experience.
  • Certification of Participation and Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts.


Future of Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition and business leaders need to stay ahead of the latest recruiting trends. Companies and institutions are under pressure to find top talent at lower cost while competing with big brands and promising start-ups. Social Media is becoming the new norm in how we recruit. With innovative recruiting technologies and techniques emerging, we are witnessing the democratization of recruiting. Any company big or small can now find high quality talent at scale with the right tools and strategy.
  • Social Sourcing

    Gone are the days when organizations could rely on inward ways of sourcing candidates. Strategic sourcing with a long term plan to attract the relevant talent is now the key differentiator.

  • Talent Brand

    Attracting & retaining talent is getting increasingly difficult since the talent market is getting fiercely competitive. With the multi-generational workforce at workplace, building & nurturing a talent brand is of utmost importance for organizations.

  • Analytics & Metrics

    Workforce analytics demonstrates how corporate strategies and business outcomes can be linked to HR initiatives by quantifying the workforce and using data to provide insights into how the HR strategies we put in place drive business execution.

Program Coverage

What all will be covered in this Master Class?

    •  Session 1

      Keynote by business leader –  Talent Acquisition and Talent Brand.

    •  Session 2

      Workforce Planning: Budgeting & Org Design.

    •  Session 3

      Methods of Job Evaluation & Job Description.

    •  Session 4

      Strategic Sourcing, Tech Platforms & Tools.

  •  Session 5

    Assessment Tools, Interviewing Skills and Selection Methods.

  •  Session 6

    Creating a Talent Brand and Building & Nurturing Talent Communities.

  •  Session 7

    Key Metrics across Recruitment Lifecycle and Data Analysis.

Program Highlights

This industry designed industry delivered program combines the right mix of conceptual frameworks with practical wisdom.

Experiential Learning Pedagogy

Each program is based on the premise of learning from experiences with an attitude of constant improvement. This is done through the problem solving based approach and experiential learning methods.

Post Program Engagement

Each participant is provided a platform to connect with the group on an online basis. Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts is made available by Corporate Shiksha.

Get Certified

The program is specially designed and delivered by industry leaders. Each participant gets a certificate of participation at the end of the program.

Peer to Peer Learning

One of the key construct of each program is the diversity and pedigree of each participating fellow. We believe if the right group is formed the learning takes place in an multidimensional mode.

Engaging Industry Experts

The learning sessions are delivered by senior professionals from industry who are experts in the respective area of work.

Develop Key Competencies

Focus of each program is to ensure each participant is able to understand and realise their true potential and become a specialist in the chosen competency. This is done through the problem solving based pedagogy and experiential learning methods.

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Participant Experience of Workplace2020 Master Class by Corporate Shiksha

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  Building Key Competencies
Engaging Experts & Industry Leaders

Glimpses from the past sessions

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Participant Experience Matters!

What our past participants had to say about us
    client image

    Both at professional and personal level, I find all the sessions really enforcing. So, I was thinking of the time when I had joined as a Management Trainee, certain things which were fundamentally very strong still haven't changed. Therefore, all those facts and beliefs have been reinforced in all the sessions. The greatest takeaways from all the sessions were employer branding, value proposition, analytics and business scorecard.

    Somnath Bose
    Cairn India Limited
    client image

    It was a very great day and a great learning opportunity for everybody. Being a part of talent acquisition team, the biggest takeaway from today's session was the insight on the quality of hiring. Now I know where I need to put in my effort.

    Maruti Suzuki
    client image

    We learned about the employee value propositions we can offer to attract the talent and how we can build about it further. It is a great session and please accept my sincere and honest thank you and your last two hours have added a lot of value in my personal career.

    Rahul Joshi
    Bharti Retail

    Workplace2020 Master Class on Talent Acquisition

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