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Workplace Insights Master Class on Performance Management | | Initiative by Corporate Shiksha

Workplace2020 Master Class on Performance Management

  • Practitioner lead experiential learning format with 4-5 CXOs as Faculty.
  • 2 Day Executive Learning Program for 20-25 participants with 3+ years of experience.
  • Certification of Participation and Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts.


Creating & Sustaining Performance

More and more organizations are re-looking at the way Performance is measured, monitored & evaluated these days. While there seems to be a larger voice around the importance of it, there is still no consensus on how to do it. As companies experiment with what works best for them; the fact that a new thinking process around the much debated “appraisal system” is coming up is welcoming for employees.
  • Creating Performance Measures

    The aim is to clearly define the minimum and in some case, the maximum levels of expected performance. Well defined goals with targets keep employees aligned to the organizational expectations. There are many ways of doing it but the real test lies in the complete cascade & alignment of it.

  • Measuring & Evaluating Performance

    Giving quantitative feedback is easy, but the real art of leadership lies in giving qualitative feedback at the right time. Despite many years of management, most leaders still fall under the many biases that exist while evaluating team members. There are many organizations that does a great job with their Performance Cycles and it’s best to learn from them!

Program Coverage

What all will be covered in this Master Class?

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