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Workplace Insights Master Class on Learning Development | | Initiative by Corporate Shiksha

Workplace2020 Master Class on Learning Development

  • Practitioner lead experiential learning format with 4-5 CXOs as Faculty.
  • 2 Day Executive Learning Program for 20-25 participants with 3+ years of experience.
  • Certification of Participation and Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts.


Growing & Developing Tallent

The pillar of Learning & Development is an important one for any organization. It defines the skills and competencies required to be fulfilled by a role holder and how proficient the incumbents are to fulfil them. From a learning model published by David Kolb to the new age 70:20:10 rule of learning, successful organizations have been intelligently focusing on developing their key resources.
  • Identifying Learning Needs

    As a first step, any L&D strategy should first clearly define what are the functional and behavioural skills required for various job categories and also what are the learning needs of an employee. The successful measure of understanding the skill gap can help organizations make an effective strategy.

  • Ways of Learning

    The evolution of learning & development methodologies over the years have now provided organizations with a  bouquet of options to choose from. Depending on the specific need for an individual, a team and the organization, the relevant offering can be picked up. The world is also gradually moving towards virtual learning where technology is enabling & shifting the way we learn.

Program Coverage

What all will be covered in this Master Class?

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