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Workplace2020 Master Class on HR Analytics | | Initiative by Corporate Shiksha

Workplace Insights  Master Class on HR Analytics & Metrics

  • Practitioner lead experiential learning format with 4-5 CXOs as Faculty.
  • 2 Day Executive Learning Program for 20-25 participants with 3+ years of experience.
  • Certification of Participation and Access to monthly webinars and video conversations with experts.


Why HR Analytics & Metrics Matters

The basic premise of the “people analytics” approach is that accurate people management decisions are the most important and impactful decisions that a firm can make. You simply can’t produce superior business results unless your managers are making accurate people management decisions.
  • Quantification of HR – across employee lifecycle.

    The goal of HR Analytics is to provide an organization with insights for effectively managing employees so that business goals can be reached quickly and efficiently. It is known that those HR organizations that collect effectiveness data are more likely to be strategic partners.

  • Dimensions of HR Metrics – Efficiency, Effectiveness & Impact.

    Workforce analytics demonstrates how corporate strategies and business outcomes can be linked to HR initiatives by quantifying the workforce and using data to provide insights into how the HR strategies we put in place drive business execution.

Program Coverage

What all will be covered in this Master Class?

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