Leveraging Technology Tools and HRIS Systems to get Actionable Insights from Data

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Rajiv Naithani, Associate Vice President, HR & L&D (India), GlobalLogic

  1. Evolution of HR System: ‘Glocal’ Workplaces

Gone are the days of ‘proximity based orientation system’. Today workplaces have become ‘Glocal’, i.e. Global and Local. But are we as HR’s acquiring competencies for the changing workplace environment?


  1. 4 stages of the HR journey-
  • Professional evolution derived through Physical Labour. For e.g. Data by hand or manual entry system.
  • Excel Data Creation
  • Evolution of Human Resource Management side where we integrate information flows with each other.
  • SHRM side which includes predictive analysis of salaries, early warning system etc.


  1. Data Types:
  • Reactive Data
  • Proactive Data


  1. SMACK at a glance:

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud is the concept that these four technologies are currently driving innovation in business.


  1. Global Logic’s Social Collaboration Platform:

It has two key elements:

  • Leadership and Culture
  • Linkage of Social platform to Enterprise platform.


  1. Global Logic’s People Centric Model:

Pre-activated Global Logic social account is an in-house tool every ‘globalyte’ has pre-built in their systems. It has both the employee profile and the organisation profile which facilitates interactive organisational chart. It enables filtered searches like skill search which adds to the business objective.

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