Business Expectation from Workforce Analytics

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Keynote – Business Expectation from Workforce Analytics

Rajneesh Singh

Rajneesh Singh, Managing Partner, SimplyHR Solutions LLP




  1. Changing Business Environment:
  • Gen Y is the future of Business: Younger generation drives the future of business in the world.
  • Inception of Analytics: 10 years back there was no such term as “analytics”, but now with so many new innovations we have a miraculous subject of analytics which can do wonders for the business.
  1. The World of Analytics:

Working with numbers can be monotonous and boring at times but if we get the right technique, we can do wonders with it. We shouldn’t get lost in the world of data instead we should learn to have fun with it.

  1. What HR has been tracking vs what businesses really want- Group Activity

Listing the metrics that HR had been tracking was compared to the business expectations of clients from fields ranging from IT, Media and Private wealth management The participants came up with a wide array of attributes and parameters ranging from the simple ones like Demographics, head count, Diversity mix, Rewards, Cost, Attrition etc. to innovative ones like GDD (Global Distributary Delivery) Penetration, Tracking integrity of people data, Engagement scores, Scale metrics, Magic quadrant analysis, Succession Planning etc.

  1. Large chunk of data that is being tracked is of no use to the businesses and the HR should not waste time on it
  2. What Delights a Business Head?

Authentic, updated, easily comprehendible data which has an impact on its applications is what would delight a business head.

Taking cues from practises followed at P&G, all the data should be presented on a single page itself and not exceed it.

  1. Don’t ‘Templatize’ your data

We shouldn’t restrict our data to the prescribed template instead any additional relevant information would always be appreciated by the business.

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